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About SYF Cheerleading:

We welcome all first time cheerleaders to participate!

  • All of our coaches are volunteer, trained instructors and teach basic to advanced level motions, cheers, dances, stunts and tumbling.
  • All Middle School cheerleaders will be placed on one squad by school.
  • Elementary cheerleaders will be placed on the team correlated with their school district or the team they were on the previous year. If this is the cheerleader's first year and they live out of town, they will be placed with other children from their school on a selected squad.
  • All first time cheerleaders are welcome to participate!


2018 SYF Cheerleading Registration
(late August to mid November)
     Elementary (Grades K - 5)
     Middle School (Grades 6 - 8)

Practice schedules are dependent on squad assignment, however each squad will have two practice nights a week and one game on the weekends during our regular season.

The items cheerleaders will need for the upcoming season include: white cheer sneakers, bodysuit, and bloomers. All items can be purchased at Athlete's Source at 1097 High Ridge Road. The store is located in the High Ridge Shopping Center (next to Trader Joe's and across from Burger King).

You will need your cheer sneakers for your first practice (first week of September). They must be white and they must be specifically for cheerleading, as other sneakers can pose safety risks due to the type of activities we do as cheerleaders.

You will need bloomers by the first game (September 23  & 24), and the bodysuit for a little later in the season when the weather is colder. Though, you never know what the temperature will be this time of year, especially in the early morning games, so I recommend you purchase this as soon as you can as well.

If you choose to find these items somewhere else, the bloomer colors are dependent on your team. Athlete's Source has all of the colors listed, so you can reach out to them or your team's coach for that information.  The bodysuits must be solid bright white, with a crop collar and long sleeves."


Cheerleaders are required to attend all of their team practices and games. All football games are played on Saturday or Sunday mornings through mid afternoon at the Rippowam Middle School football field. Schedules for games will be posted on the SYF website under "Teams, Schedules & Results". 

Middle School Division:
All cheerleaders registering for Middle School Division Cheerleading will be placed on one squad. Although there are no longer JV or Varsity squads, there will still be clinics to prepare all cheerleaders for the season.

We will announce clinic information by email and social media. Clinics are not mandatory to attend, but will allow you to learn cheers, jumps, and a dance before the season begins. You can follow us at   -

2018 Registration Costs: 
Regular Registration Fee:  $225

You must provide a copy of your City of Stamford issued letter confirming you are a recipient of the free or reduced lunch program in order to receive the Reduced Registration Fee.
Reduced Registration Fee: $175